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Welcome to the website for the Hillswick Health Centre.

 The practice area covers the northernmost part of the Shetland Mainland, Northmavine, which is perhaps the most scenic area of Shetland.

The surgery provides medical care to roughly 750 people throughout Northmavine, including Ollaberry, North Roe, Sullom, Eshaness and Hillswick itself.
It is an established training practice for medical students. It is a dispensing practice with a fully-equipped small dispensary.

We are also Shetland's yellow fever centre

If you are a patient or a tourist, a medical student or simply interested in what happens at the surgery, please browse this site using the panel on the left to find out when we're open, how to contact the doctors and available facilities.

The principal GP in the practice is Dr Susan Bowie, who has worked at Hillswick since 1988, and in Shetland since 1984. We have also been joined by Associate GP, the very experienced Andy Muir. There is a full additional team including Practice Nurses Jeanette Spall, Rachel Smith and Jackie Manson, reception, secretarial, and dispensing staff Frances Williamson, Kelly Robertson Julie Peterson and Amelia Dowle. Attached to our team we have the wonderful health promotion specialist, Nicola Balfour.
Health Visitor and District Nurses based at Brae provide district nursing cover. We have a midwife, Theresa also attached to the surgery. We still have counselling from Lawrence Sutherland , thankfuly, and at the moment we don't have a visiting psychiatrist.

For all enquiries and out of hour emergencies phone 01806 503 277

Hillswick Surgery News

The really good news is that after help from Dr Luke Skellern, and from Dr Ben Herring, we have a new GP in post , Dr Andy Muir, who has come up from Wales to help us, with his wife pam , who is a keen knitter. ( Jan 2017)

Comings and goings...sadly Alistair Convery has left due to illness, and we are again looking for an associate GP. So if you know someone who knows someone, who might be interested ...!
Occasionally, to help me keep going , the phone may be through to NHS 24

I would be very grateful if you would consider supporting the Save Our Surgeries Campaign. Never has recruitment been worse, or small practices more under threat

I am sad to be losing Sean who is moving on to be closer to family south. He has been a tremendous colleague to work with and Im sure his patients are going to really miss him. Good luck for the future Sean

We are very sorry to have lost Caroline who has retired.We wish her well in her new endeavour! We are happy however to welcome jackie Manson our new practice nurse who is a lovely addition to our team.

Dr Bowie has been off sick for surgery, but will be back on and off soon. Just occasinally to give Dr Stansfield some time off the phone may be through to NHS 24.

Health promotion has prepared a page on their website about access to Voluntary secotr counsellig, as the access to counselling we had previously has been cut back.

Whooping cough is still about, and there has been an awful flu and Noravirus. This is putting strain on most practices, care centres and the hospital. Please wash you hands to help prevent the spread and use hand gels if you can.

Dr Bowie has been ill but is getting better. Very occasionally for this month only we will be using NHS 24 as she comes back to full workload.

and Measles are back in Shetland.It is never too late to be immunised if you have reconsidered vaccinating and protecting your child, and protecting young babies in our community too.

The Better Together Survey results are out, and although we did very well , we will take comments on board where we can do better.

We are delighted to be welcoming Sean Stansfield, our new doctor to our team in April.

Blue Badge application Forms have changed. Please look at the blue badge form on this webpage, and Q and A here.

A huge thank you to the big bannock for the generous donation of £1500, which will pay for a new ECG machine to take out on emergencies, and also some new nebulisers to lend to patients who need them.
Thanks you!


We are very sorry to be losing Stacey who will be moving on in April 2012.

Information on the Blue badge scheme.The rules have changed.If you think you may qualify for one please look here

Thank you to the volunteers who helped weed our garden. A trowel has been left for anyone who wants to weed while you wait!

There has been an upsurge in Measles in UK as well as the huge increase in France. It is never to late to immunise with the MMR

Swine Flu incidence is low accross the country but is again increasing. Make sure you have an up to date flu booster for this year.

Hillswick Surgery is now a Yellow Fever Centre.
Please book by phoning 01806503277.

There are Clinical Strategy meetings taking place around Shetland with community councils, and other local groups, regarding the future of health services in Shetland.

Its really important that patients voices are heard, regarding our core services here in Hillswick.

There has been a TEMPORARY withdrawal in Chiropody services, because of staff shortages apparently. All chiropody appointments will be in Brae for the meantime. Whilst its inconvenient , we are glad that we have been reassured it is only TEMPORARY.

We welcome the return of Psychiatry clinics in Hillswick, and our new Psychiatrist Dr Sharon Brown.

Hillswick Surgery is soon to be come a Yellow fever centre. Staff are attending training on the 1st of September in Glasgow, and we will be available to provide vaccination soon after.

New GP appointed. We are delighted to welcome Stacey Vettraino who will be starting at the practice at the end of March. Stacey will be moving to Hillswick from near Glasgow with her husband Kieran and her baby Luca.

5th of December update.
Supplies of H1N1 Vaccine into the practice have been sluggish, and we are grateful for your patience. If you are unimmunised and one of our 'at risk'( see below) then we want to immunise you soon.

There are fewer people reporting flu like symptoms.

NHS hospitals have now begun giving their first doses of swine flu vaccine to the patients facing greatest risk of complications. Healthcare staff dealing with the public are also being vaccinated to help keep medical services running smoothly and to prevent them from passing the virus to patients.

GPs will begin receiving supplies of the vaccine from Monday October 26. Patients will be contacted by their GPs if they fall into one of the at-risk categories.
The order of priority will be:

  * People aged from six months to 65 years in current seasonal flu risk groups
  * All pregnant women
  * Those living with people with compromised immune systems, for example those recieving cancer treatment
  * People aged over 65 in the current seasonal flu risk groups.
We are awaiting news of when the Swine flu vaccine will be available and will keep you posted.

We are recruiting a new Associate GP
please see advert on separate page.

A big welcome back to Lynn who is back with us one day a week.

A big welcome our new GP registrar Yousuff Khan who has joined us and congratulations on your marriage.

We are all going to miss George, who has finished his Registrar year, and is working now in Lerwick.

Please follow Swine flu latest for latest advice.
We have moved to the treatment phase of a pandemic.See guidlines below.
For most people swine flu will be mild and self limiting. Most people will not need Tamiflu.Those with Chronic diseases or pregnant need to contact the doctor for help as soon as possible.
A big than you to the Conservation Volunteers for coming and working in our garden on Sunday.They have done a wonderful job.
Well Done George on your exam! We will be sad to see you move on.
Swine Influenza has now been raised to Pandemic status, in the containment phase. See latest guidlines and BBC news by following link buttons to Health Protection Scotland, and clicking on the box below.
On the 21 st of June .The conservation volunteers are coming to work on the surgery garden. Everyone is welcome to come and help.
 Big Welcomes to a recent new member of our team, Frances Williamson who joins us in reception.
New members of the Friends of the Surgery are very welcome, we are hoping to have a meeting soon
Maisie has officially retired and a retirement meal was enjoyed at Busta. Maisie will still work part time at the surgery, and so all is not lost!

Last update feb 2017