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Our small dispensary contains most medicines you may need.

Occasionally we do not have the medicine, and in that case we will either ask you if you are able to take a prescription to Lerwick, or we may ask you to wait a few days until the medicines are in.

Julie is in charge of the dispensary


Prescription costs



Repeat Prescriptions

Please give at least 48 hours  before coming to collect repeat prescriptions, to give us time to double check your prescription. Please check your prescription when you get it. Please return any unused drugs , and we will have them destroyed. Every year we will review your repeats to make sure you still need them. From time to time we will ask you to come in for a face to face review of repeat prescriptions with the doctor, or practice nurse.

We require regular antidepressant review, and review the oral contraceptive pill 6 monthly.

* Some medicines are not  generally available on repeat, such as Antidepressants,Orlistat and Champix.*


Other medicines, liable to addiction, such as Opiates and Benzos are not usually on repeat prescription or need regular doctor reviews.


You may be asked to fill in feedback about our dispensary.



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