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The Hillswick Practice was traditionally a Single Handed dispensing practice, with care provided up until the late  eighties by the 'doctor' aided by Maisie, our first receptionist, on a part time basis.

In 1988 the practice began to develop an appointment system, and  took on its first practice nurse in 1991.

In 1992  the first 'part time', 17 weeks in the year, associate was appointed, under the old inducement scheme.

By 1996 the practice had a fully developed team approach, and we were working towards practice accreditation, and Training Practice status. The practice  has been involved for many years in chronic disease management and the team has dealt well with the challenges of the contract without losing sight of patient care.

In 2002 Susan Bowie was approved as a trainer, and the practice as a training practice, and in 2004 we got our first GP registrar. We stopped GP training in 2012.

The practice is also involved in undergraduate teaching.

In 2004 Susan Bowie took on the post of GPWSI in Paediatrics, which involves a regular once a week Clinic  at the hospital and regular  attendance at visiting Consultant Clinics roughly 7 times a year. Her clinical practice  is supported  and supervised by the Aberdeen Consultants.


We have always provided our own on-call out of hours services, and all the doctors who work or have worked in the practice have been encouraged to be 'BASICS' trained. We carry  emergency equipment  and attend 999 emergencies to assist the Paramedics where we can. Out of hours calls are thankfully very rare.

Out of Hours Phone 01806503277.

In emergency dial 999

Susan Bowie on call
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