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Hillswick Surgery Polycrub

Polycrub opening


The Hillswick Polycrub is the first Polycrub/ polytunnel attached to a Health Centre in the UK. Its for the benefit of patients and staff who might feel the health benefits of growing things, and who have limited access to a 'Polycrub' of their own.

It is a community project which has been mostly funded by the 'Endownments committee ' of Shetland Health Board .

There are lots of health benefits from the Polycrub; increase in general sociable activity, ease of access, locally sited, the health benefits of fresh produce not easily obtainable in Shetland, exercise even in winter, the promotion of community cooperation, and an environment where both children and adults can learn from each other about growing food. Many people have found the benefit of gardening during long term conditions too.

There are still spaces available. Please DM me if you want a space.

Thanks to Ralph Roberts, Colin Marsland, Lawson Bissett , and most of all Pam Muir, without whose help it might never have happened.


Pam Polycrub
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