Covid-19 Coronavirus

This is a rapidly changing situation and I will attempt to keep this page updated regularly as we get new information in.

We are getting information almost on a daily basis and so please bear with us.

We have a regular FB page and so please keep an eye on that for information.


We are endeavouring to keep the virus out of the surgery, to protect patients and staff. There are notices about NOT entering the surgery if you have cold symptoms flu like symptoms, sore throat, fever  or cough. Please don't come in with these even if you are just picking up tablets.


So most appointments are by phone, to protect you , staff and doctors. Therefore just to be sure you will be asked when you phone whether you have any of these symptoms. Do not come to the surgery just to book an appointment. The phones are busy, but we have another line which we may phone out on.


Although the NHS has stopped Covid-19 testing except for the seriously ill in hospital, we are a surveillance practice, and in certain situations we make take a swab  to see what  viruses are  circulating . Ths needs to be discussed with us and planned beforehand.


Please don't try and txt me or message me as I may not see it until late in the day.


The surgery number is just the same. 01806503277. Julie is organising and dispensing tablets just the same.


If you are looking for advice re Coronavirus you can try phoning NHS 24 on 111

Or look at the very helpful and  regularly updated NHS inform website, but if you are  very ill with any breathing issues you can phone us and we may see you at home rather than bringing you into the surgery. If its very urgent phone an ambulance.  999


For most people Covid-19 will be a minor illness, especially children, but if you are over 60 it can be much more serious, especially if you are over 70 or in the 80+ age group, and especially if you have any underlying health issues.

The latest recommendations are that if you  have  any symptoms,  and are the first in your household, then the houshold should isolate  for 2 weeks.


If you are older or have any serious underlying health issues, or are pregnant you should  consider socially distancing or socially isolating yourself for the next few months.

If we isolate ourselves, we can stop this thing, or at least slow it down.

Remember to wash your hands.

The great news is the local shops are doing deliveries, and the St Magnus Bay will be doing takeaways.

Please consider those in the local community who are isolating and isolated  at home, and keep in touch wiith them or help them get tablets or messages.


I am  keeping up a regular twitter feed with links and information. Please click on the NHS inform logos on the left for up to date information.


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Covid 19 symptoms

If you have serious breathing difficulties  Phone 999

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To self refer for a covid test in Shetland please click on the healthy Shetland Logo above.

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