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Appointments for clinics can be arranged by calling Reception on 01806 503277.  


Either Dr Bowie, Dr Pegman,  Dr Herring or Dr Muir are on duty at all times. There may also be a medical student who may see you first.  If men would like to see a male GP and there is not a male doctor on duty, they are at liberty to consult the GP at  Brae Health Centre. As well as routine surgeries and home visits, the doctors carry out the following:


Yellow Fever Clinic  is run by Jeanette Spall. Hillswick is Shetland'd Yellow fever centre. Please phone the surgery for an appointment and we will discuss costs. Yellow fever Clinics are on a monday


Antenatal Clinic

Midwife, Tanya holds antenatal clinics usually  on a Monday afternoon Pregnant patients can book directly with the midwives these days by phoning maternity in Lerwick, or can be referred..


Baby Clinic/Child Health Checks

Child health checks are offered at 6 weeks, 9 months and 3 years. These are done by the doctor or the  Health Visitor. Clinics are held every month.


Family Planning

All doctors provide family planning advice. Dr Bowie will fit nexplanons ( subcutaneous contraceptive implants). Doctors at the Sexual health Clinic in Lerwick fit Mirena  and Jaydesse coils. This has to be pre requested. Emergency contraception is available - please contact the doctor as soon as possible for emergency contraception. Condoms are provided free in the toilet and porch.

Minor Surgery

Dr Bowie performs  minor surgical procedures by arrangement. These include cryotherapy and excision of minor lesions.  These procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic with the help of the Practice Nurse. Minor surgery is usually carried out around noon.



The doctor offers medicals for insurance, HGV and occupational purposes. A fee is payable for some of these non-NHS services and you will be informed of the charge. Medicals are usually carried out in the afternoons by prior arrangement with the doctor.


Appointments for the following


are now in Lerwick.


Counselling Appointments by appointment

Appointments for psychiatry  are arranged by the relevant professionals after having seen your GP in the first instance.  

If you don't need an appointment always please cancel, so someone else can use it.




Out of hours phone 01806503277

In emergency phone 999

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