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Mandy Pegman

Dr Ben Herring qualified from the University of East Anglia in 2009 and as a GP in 2016.  He has a special interest in expedition and wilderness medicine and has worked all over the world on scientific and charity expeditions.  As well as being a GP, Ben also works with a health Technology company and is married with a baby boy to keep him busy!

Andy Muir worked with us for two years, having come out of retirement, and has been back since coming out of retirement again!

Dr Mandy Pegman

Dr Ben Herring

Dr Andy Muir


Dr Mandy Pegman was born in Surrey and studied Medicine at Cambridge and Oxford. She lived and worked in Geordie-Central for 30 years where she brought up her three children. She has been working her way up the country all her life and has now finally arrived in Hillswick where she lives for half the year with her poodle who is a retired Munroist. For the rest of the year she lives in Cumbria with her partner Mike, a retired Alpinist.

Mandy car
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